Operating as ethnographer, historian, and story-teller, I navigate the intersection of the personal and the political. The specificity of this exploration is rooted in my experiences and concerns as a cultural hybrid shaped by the complexities of post-colonial, globalized India. By investigating the historic and contemporary patterns of orientation/disorientation, allowance/denial, inheritance/disinheritance I trace the contours of this identity.

The idea of place is important to my narrative. I am interested in situating characters, pop-cultural icons, and historic figures in domestic interior spaces or against the landscape of real and surreal places. The style of architecture or interior spaces themselves become story-tellers of social demographics and political history. Furthermore, the language of this space and the scale of the paintings are informed by eastern miniature paintings as well as the work of early Renaissance artists. Representations of peripheral, quotidian activities are strategically placed on this landscape to further accentuate the specificity of this hybrid cultural experience.

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