• Pop-Up Art Exhibit/Emily Dickinson Museum/Amherst/Massachusetts/U.S.A/August 2017
  • The Unaccustomed Vanishing Point/ Nacul CentreAmherst/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ April 2017
  • Echoes/ Indian Council for Cultural Relations/ Kolkata/ India/ August 2013
  • Truth, Beheaded/ Gallery Gold/ Kolkata/ India/ August 2012
  • Tri Colour White/ Weavers Studio Centre for the Arts/ Kolkata/ India/ June 2011


  • Delightful Trivia and the Agony of Life/NYPOP Gallery/New York/NY/ U. S. A/ May 2017
  • Contact/NYPOP Gallery/New York/NY/ U. S. A/ March 2016
  • Tarantula - MFA Midway Show/ Student Union Art Gallery/ Amherst/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ February 2016
  • Absence - Presence(Points of View)/ Herter Art Gallery/ Amherst/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ October 2015
  • Night Tennis/ Student Union Art Gallery/ Amherst/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ April 2015
  • Pop Art Show/Student Union Art Gallery/ Amherst/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ March 2015
  • Points of View/Herter Art Gallery/ Amherst/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ October 2014
  • July Exhibit at the Burnett Gallery/ two-persons show/ Jones Library/ Amherst/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ July 2014
  • Rhythm/ Gallery Gold/ Kolkata/ India/ August 2012
  • Short Independent Film: Revisited/ St. Xavier’s College/ Kolkata/ India/ March, 2011
  • Group show of paintings/ Calcutta Club Pvt. Ltd/ Kolkata/ India/ April 2010
  • What is Love/ The Kosmos/ Albuquerque/ New Mexico/ U. S. A/ February 2010
  • Don’t I Know You/ The Kosmos/ Albuquerque/ New Mexico/ U. S. A/ March 2010
  • GASP Engine Show/ Gallery Artists Studio Projects (GASP)/ Boston/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ September 2009
  • GASP GALA/ Gallery Artists Studio Project (GASP)/ Boston/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ September 2009
  • Violence Transformed Show/ Children’s Hospital Day of Remembrance/ Boston/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ April 2009
  • NAMI/ Boston/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ May 2009
  • The School Drawing Show/ SMFA/ Boston/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ Spring 2009
  • New Paintings Exhibition/ Boston/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/Java Joes Café/ March 2009
  • Short Film: Revisited/ National Centre of Afro American Artists/ Boston/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ April 2009
  • Short Film: Interlude/ School Film & Animation Show/ SMFA/ Boston/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ February 2009
  • J.P Open Studio/ Jamaica Plain/ Boston/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ Fall 2008
  • Frictions/ Gallery Artists Studio Projects (GASP)/ Boston/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ April 2008
  • Post Baccalaureate Show/ SMFA/ Boston/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ Spring 2008
  • Short Film: Revisited/ Gallery Artists Studio Projects (GASP)/ Boston/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ April 2008
  • Short Film: Revisited/ The Post Baccalaureate Show/ SMFA/ Boston/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ March 2008
  • Post Baccalaureate Show/ SMFA/ Boston/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ Fall 2007
  • Roxbury Open Studio/ Boston/ Massachusetts/ U. S. A/ Fall 2007



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